Point Cook Senior Secondary College

"...(being) aware of the timelines we had to meet to get the school to the point where we could even open the doors of the relocatables, the general feel to our opening was positive and happy.

Most of this is directly due to the work of Shanley who managed to turn a fairly good chance at a delayed opening into an attractive and secure arrangement of relocatables that have done a lot to restore our community's faith in the school after repeated delays with the (main) building program. Adrian himself was a key driver in this, and I don't know whether this is typical of his organisation or not (it is!), but he had the happy knack of getting things done quickly, on time, and to a quality finish.

After the last nine months of building this was a nice change. This mob probably cost more (we don't!), but if you added up the cost of employing them against the benefits they can achieve for a school in our position, especially in terms of public perception and long term enrolments, they are well worth it."

Greg Sperling