Quality services with a professional yet personal approach

SMS specialises in urgent and minor works and capital works projects and has a strong background in the delivery of government and non-government school projects. With a focus on personal service and trusted communication we deliver low risk, value for money, local solutions throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Value for money

SMS delivers greater value for money through quality consultancy and a reduction in the risk of projects being challenged or cancelled due to increases in cost, delays to schedule, or a reduction in the functionality and/or quantity of products and services delivered. Value is also achieved through a consultative solution with a locally operated and owned company that is responsive to and appreciative of stakeholder input.

Low risk

The failure to manage or understand project risk is the single biggest detriment to project success. SMS offers an effective and integrated approach to project, risk and quality management that will ensure that all factors are accounted for early within the planning process and that a timely solution is available with minimal impact on projects. They also provide a consultative risk approach that ensures all stakeholder risks are understood and prepared across the project.

Local solutions

SMS and their key subconsultants understand and appreciate the local market and how project success benefits our community. Being proudly Victorian they are best prepared to deliver the required quality products and services to friends, neighbours and other community members. SMS helps to secure local jobs, local skills, and the knowledge and experiences to support local projects now and in the future.

Our range of services include:
• Civil works — car parks, hard courts, & oval upgrades
• Electrical and heating upgrades
• Library upgrades
• Fire and water service replacements
• Provision of relocatable de-canting complexes
• Administration upgrades
• On-site relocations of relocatable stock
• Roof replacements & re-stumping works
• Provision of relocatable schools on green field sites.